Vending Design Works

Locker Vending Systems

Optimized Inventory Storage

Locker Vending aims to help with the following:

Tool Vending, Computer Supplies, Laundry Lockers, Maintenance Supplies and more.

Lean Manufacturing

24/7 Access to equipment and tools, employees can access PPE, consumables, and tools as they need. Information on how the inventory is being used lets managers make decisions about how to make their processes more efficient, or maintain an established pace.

Inventory Control

Give access to those that need it, apply limits as needed. Track inventory by department and see that the inventory is being used as you intend it.

Stock Analysis and Alerts

Smart inventory control systems alert the user of low and critical stock levels. Analyze usage of materials with respect to time of day, week, month (etc.). Seeing how materials and tools are being used is the last piece of the feedback loop to understand how efficient your organization is operating.

Inventory Control machines for varying uses

Inventory Control machines for varying uses

IIC by Seaga


  • Check in/check out capable with full, robust reporting features.

  • Come with reporting software for alerts, supply usage, usage forecasting.

  • Security for Up to 24 Items

  • Customizable for Product Size Flexibility

  • Large Viewable Area

  • Brilliant LED Lighting

  • Auxiliary with IIC SightGuard or Standalone or Multiple Units

  • Direct Connections for Power and Ethernet

  • Knockouts for Accessory Power Strips

  • Check Out/Check In Capability


IIC SightGuard



Another take on inventory management, similar to above, features include:

  • Robust Security Features

  • Adjustable Capacity Configurations

  • Vigilant Vend Sensor

  • Cloud-based software tech.

  • Check-in / Check-out functionality

  • Inventory Stock Alerts

  • IoT Inventory Gateway Integrations

  • Enhanced Product Visibility

  • Cost Efficient Storage Control