Vending Design Works


Our Capabilities

Custom Prototyping

Does your idea not exist yet? Our technical staff prides itself on solving problems. We also have a network of resources that share that same drive and ability. Contact us today, you can never go wrong with a phone call.

New Concepts

We’re who people go to when they want to bring their new concept to life. If we can’t tweak an existing machine to make what you want happen, we’ll work with you from the ground up to see it realized. Check out our Custom Vending Machines page!


Custom Branding

The most requested service we provide are custom vinyl wraps and additional branding showcasing the brand’s image. We can create a fully customized vending machine for you.

Our professional services can work with you to design high resolution wraps, machine “toppers”, digital signage and other creative customize branding concepts.


Vending Machines

We distribute Vending Machines. Let us find you the right one whether it be used or brand new. Check out our Vending Machines page to learn more.