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Wall Mount

Good Things in Small Packages


The Art Deco

Economic, efficient, small foot-print and built to last. Also available in natural oak or dark cherry wood which is called the Mark X. Contact-Us to learn about the Mark X cigarette vending machine.

  • Weight – 75 lbs.

  • Height – 37″

  • Width – 28″

  • Depth – 8″

  • Capacity: 10 Selection, 100 Total Inventory Capacity

  • Illuminated showcase display for better visibility in low light venues.


Cigar Shoppe

Authentic wood, a craftsman appeal, keep cigars at the proper humidity in any environment. With European design, this machine is perfect for bars.

  • Weight – 70 lbs.

  • Height 38″

  • Width 21.5″

  • Depth 9.75″

  • Capacity: 75-150 Cigars

  • Sealed cabinet lined with Spanish Cedar maintains perfect humidity and freshness.

  • Illuminated Showcase Live Display attracts attention in low light venues.



Compact unit with impressive capacity. This unit comes with legal-age verification hardware, so this machine is ready to sell tobacco and e-cigarette products out of the box. Vape products are in an untapped and lucrative market and these machines are primed to take a piece of it. This is a smart vending machine with remote access to monitor the status of the machine.

  • Power: 110Vac, 8A

  • Connectivity: Cell or LANMaterials: Steel, Aluminium

  • Payment Device: Nayax or Equivalent

  • Warranty: 1 year, all parts

  • Manufactured in USA

  • (Bottom stand portion not neccessary for mounting to walls)

  • Dimensions: 18.5"(wide) x 42.0"(tall) x 13.1"(deep)

  • Weight: 85lbs

  • Max 18 conveyors

  • Conveyor Size: 12"long x 2"wide

  • Tray Size: 9" wide

  • Tray Capacity: 36"tall, 9" wide

  • Payment: Credit/Debit/Chip/Apple/TapDispensing vend sensor

  • Display: 24" Touch Screen